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Workshops are a great way to try something new or enhance your skills in a fun and supportive environment.  Experienced instructors provide hands-on guidance and friendly advice.  Registration must be done by telephone, so please call us at 705-721-1323 if  you have any questions or if you'd like to register . 

fused panel 12.JPG


If you'd like to try your hand at fused glass, this beginners fused glass workshop might just be for you. This class will provide you the opportunity to create a 6 by 14 inch self-standing fused glass "Birch Tree" piece of art.  You will lay out your piece creating your own unique design on a clear glass base ready for the first kiln firing.  We will then “slump” fire them to their “S” shape so they can stand.  Experienced students are also welcome.  Glass cutting experience is necessary, however fused glass experience is not. 

Please bring your own marking and cutting tools.


Instructor:   Tresea Partridge

Time:            10:00 to 1:00 pm

Cost:             $145.00 which includes all materials, instructions & 2 kiln firings.

Intro to fusing.jpg


October 22nd, 2023

The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to basic fusing using kiln firing in order to create a beautiful, original fused glass plate or bowl.

Learn about glass compatibility and the different firing programs that we use in our large kilns.  Combine opal, cathedral, iridescent and dichroic glasses with your own one-of-a-kind preparations for very personal results.

Become familiar with ceramic paper products, preparation and use of glass powders, frit, stringers and nuggets that are used in glass fusing.  Design an original plate or bowl to be full fired and then slump fired into one of our molds.  If time permits, you can make samplers, ornaments or small pieces of jewelry combining full and tack firing methods.  Learn about efficient use of space as you load your own creation into one of the kilns.  Your piece will be ready for pick up later on the week.

No previous fusing experience is required, however glass cutting is necessary.  Bring your own cutter, pliers and marking pens.

Instructor:      Tresea Partridge

Time:               10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Cost:                $145.00    Includes instruction, glass and 2 kiln firings.



October 29th, 2023


In this workshop, Norma will be teaching you how to improve your soldering skills by demonstrating proper techniques to overcome common problems such as "blow-throughs", cold solder marks and inconsistent beading.  You will also learn about the proper uses of chemicals such as flux, patinas, cleaners and polishes as well as different solder and copper foil overlay applications.  You will also learn and practice five new decorative sculpting techniques and create your own sample piece to take home.

Bring your questions and samples of areas of difficulty that we can help you improve your soldering skills.

Since this is a hands-on workshop, glass cutting experience is necessary.  Please  bring your own cutters, pliers and marking pens.

Instructor:   Norma Vowels

Time:           10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Cost:            $75.00 which includes materials and instructions.



November 5th, 2023

Come join us in learning a new technique!  We will be creating a set of four coasters using sheet and powdered glass to create unique and one of a kind designs limited only by your imagination!  This is a beginner level course so everyone is welcome.  Due to the nature of powdered glass, you must be able to wear a mask with a filter (which will be provided) for the duration of the class.  In this fused glass workshop, we will be doing one firing resulting in four coasters per student.

Instructor:      Tresea Partridge

Time:              10:30 am to 1:30 noon

Cost:               $145.00



November 12th, 2023

Lead method is centuries old and a very different technique to foil method with a very different look.  This workshop teaches you the basics and the use of traditional lead came practice, such as cutting, soldering and cementing.  During this hands-on workshop, using bevels and glass, you will create a beautiful leaded panel.  Leading is easier than it looks with impactful results! 

Since this is a hands-on workshop, glass cutting experience is necessary. 

Please bring your own cutters, pliers and marking pens.

Instructor:     Norma Vowels

Time:             10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Cost:              $95.00.  All materials are included in the cost of this workshop

Agate and globule - purple.jpg
Agate and globule - dark blue 2.jpg


November 19th, 2023


This is the fourth time we’re running this workshop because it is so popular.


Let your creative side shine through as you choose the colour and texture of your base glass, then choose from different shapes and colours of agates as well as the complementary colours of your glass globules. Every student will walk out of the workshop with a unique one-of-a-kind stand alone panel.

In this 4-hour workshop, students will design, cut, and assemble a 6” round stained glass panel. I will show you tips and tricks when designing and assembling your panel to create your own stunning work of art.

A number of agates will be available for students to purchase from the instructor and the glass globules are free. For your base glass, students can bring that perfect piece of glass from home or buy glass from the store on the day of the workshop. The metal came will be provided and will already be bent into the correct shape.

A 6” metal stand will also be available for purchase from the store if desired. This means that your unique stained glass piece can be displayed on a wall, in a window, or placed in the metal stand.

Since this is a hands-on workshop, previous glass cutting and soldering experience is required. There will be a ring saw on site to help with some of the more difficult cuts.

Materials to bring; gold, silver or black sharpie, glass cutter and groziers.

Instructor:      Susan Dalrymple

Time:              10:00 am to 2:00pm

Price:               $95.00  (includes instruction and some materials)


Additional costs:

Agates            - individually priced (between $5-15)

Base glass      - As priced in the store (if you do not bring your own)

Metal Stand   - $50.00 special workshop price.

Adult Christmas Decorations.jpg



November 26th, 2023

Want to have a great time making memorable Christmas ornaments?  Then this is your chance.  Participants will choose from various patterns to create 4 different ornaments that you can keep or give as Christmas gifts.  Glass cutting experience is required, but fusing is not.   Fun is always included!  Please bring your own cutter, pliers and marking pens. 


Instructor:    Tresea Partridge

Time:             11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Cost:              $145.00 which includes all instruction, glass & firings for 4 ornaments.

Kids Christmas Ornaments.jpg



December 3rd, 2023

Children love getting in on the action and making things; and what a great way to introduce them to the world of glass!  In this workshop, kids be decorating and assembling their choice of 4 different Christmas ornaments.  All the glass will be pre-cut so the class is suitable for children 5 and up.  You just need to provide the kids and the supervision.

Instructor:     Tresea Partridge

Time:             10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Cost:              $145.00 which includes all instruction, glass & firings for 4 ornaments.


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